About Us


FabLane Hair is your one stop shop for anything Braided Units!

Our mission is to create sophisticated braided looks for the modern woman.

Are you bored of your look?

Is it time for a hair makeover?

Women and hair problems go hand in hand. Men may fall head over heels when they see us flip our hair but they don’t know how many hours are spent getting the right look.

So why not make our lives easier by giving wigs a chance?

Why Braided Wig Units?

Our answer to this question is ―why not?

Women have every right to look beautiful and our hair is the crowning glory.

However, the bitter truth is that most hair problems persist despite the money we put into them. Plus, home remedies don’t always come through for everyone.

Additionally, there are times when our health fails and hair loss becomes the side effect. That’s why we thought that it is time to give women like you some hope.

Wearing a wig will mean that you won’t be wrestling with a hairbrush each morning. Neither will you be reaching for your hat to hide a bad haircut. In short, wigs are the perfect cover-up to your consistent hair troubles.

We help you say no to your hair woes!

What Makes FabLane Hair Special?

We specialize in arranging high-quality hairpieces that fit perfectly. Nor will you be wasting time and money on temporary hair treatments.

What’s more?

  • The wigs are made from 100% natural hair
  • Each braided wig is artfully styled in your favorite styles
  • The wigs are tangle-free
  • The wigs can be, cleaned and washed without problems

On the whole, we make sure that you leave our store with a box full of hair that doesn’t turn into a beastly mess.

So pick a style and flaunt it!