Join Our Wholesalers Club

Join Our Wholesalers Club

wholesale tipsAre you looking for a way to earn some cash? Need a career direction that starts right from home? Well, FabLane Hair can help you!

Becoming a wholesaler for braided wigs might be the best option.

You can go a long way by collaborating with FabLane Hair. And we don’t say this lightly! We are always on the lookout to recruit new people to become our official distributors.

That’s because weaves and wigs are selling like hot cake these days. So it doesn’t harm us to hire an extra pair of hands to expand the business front.

Why should you become a wholesaler for braided wigs?

Here are a couple of things that may help you understand the benefits of selling braided wigs:

1. You’ll Always Be in Business

Whether it is for a party or a business meeting, women need to look their best. Even on days off, we like to doll up and roam around the streets with our hair game on point.

This means that you’ll always have a customer knocking on your door during a hair emergency. In our case, it is usually with the assistance of some fine looking braided wigs.

2. Braided Wigs Are Totally ‘On Fleek’

African-American women were one of the first to realize that wigs protect our hair and scalp from environmental damage. Soon enough stylishly braided wigs, box braids and hair extensions came into fashion.

That’s why top celebrities like Ariana Grande confess that their glossy locks are anything but natural. Don’t believe us?

Listen to what the pop star reveals in her latest single:

“You like my hair?

Gee, thanks, just bought it!”

7 Rings, Ariana Grande

Honestly, stars like her are the walking-talking brand ambassadors of our product. So you can bet that your friends, families, and neighbors will ring you up when they find out you sell braided wigs.

3. The Wholesale Effect

Nobody likes it when their favorite stores go ‘out of stock.’ In the wholesale business, this is never a problem. So you can always stock up on affordable wigs and start selling your items without worrying about diminishing the supplies.

Plus, if you live in a small town or the suburbs then you might be the only wholesaler in the area. This will make you popular and the sought-after seller for braided wigs.

Why Should You Collaborate With Us?

Here are three things that set us apart from our competitors:

  • We promise to give our collaborators their dues
  • We’ve got high-quality handmade braided wigs in our collection
  • We have an enviable variety (e.g. box braids, a million braids, cornrows) that meets every customer’s demands

On the whole, we are the whole package deal for wholesalers trying to kick-start their side-business. So come join us, trust us, and let success take over your life.

Sample pricing

Minimum order is 10 for wholesalers

Units on Lace closure- $100

e.g our signature Mona Million Braids







2. Units on lace frontal- $130

e.g This style 









3. Units on Full Lace – $160

e.g This style










Shipping will vary based on the weight of your entire order. 

Want more information? Use this form to contact us and start the process.

How many wig units would you like to start with?